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Morrill and Me

       Hey there! I’m Jen Allen and I’m one of the Campus Archaeology interns for fall semester 2009. It’s been a couple of weeks so far and I’ve had the opportunity to spend lots of time in the MSU archives as well as do a little digging in the search for College Hall. I’m a senior here at MSU and major in history and anthropology as well as having a specialization in African Studies. I fell in love with archaeology after participating in Dr. O’Gorman’s field school in Illinois which I took part in almost on a whim. Since then I added anthropology as a major and couldn’t be happier with the decision. I feel archaeology is the perfect way to combine my love of different cultures, history, and even just getting to be outside as part of the work!

       My project this semester has to do with Morrill Hall and everything has gone well so far. Right now I’m working on finding everything I can on the building since the University seems set at this point to have it demolished in the near future. I have put lots of time in at the MSU archives in Conrad Hall searching for information and trying not to annoy the staff there too much with my requests and constantly forgetting to put my bag in the lockers like they want you to. I’ve also done some extra wandering inside Morrill Hall just to get even more acquainted with what I’ve been researching.  I have been in the building before on many occasions and have always loved its old and somewhat quirky feel. The building is not symmetrical as originally intended and it is just shy of 109 years old and because of this it definitely has its own unique character. It is also a building steeped in MSU’s history as it was the first women’s dormitory on the campus as well as it being a huge step in the acceptance of a practical women’s education at the College. I’ll have much more to come on what I’ve been doing and what I’ve found out about Morrill Hall in future blogs!


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