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Well Hello There

Hello. My name is Jamie Patrick Henry and I am this spring semesters intern with the Campus Archaeology program. What attracted me to the program was the public outreach portion of it. I liked the idea of actually being able to communicate finds and information to the public and finding new ways to do this.

A little about me. I am a senior at MSU and I am planning on graduating in May but I may push that back to do another program this Summer. I am interested in a lot of Old world topics and I am leaning toward making that my focus in Graduate school. I went to Greece this past summer on a study abroad and was blown away with the differences in the work being done there. Anyways I will try and keep the blog updated on the work we are doing.

My personal project this year is going to be tailored toward getting interaction with the public on finds we have and on trying to get information out there in different ways. I am updating the Wiki right now and trying to find other ways to make Historic Information about MSU more accessible to you all. I hope to get some video blogs up going over some day to day stuff like; lab work, excavations, and putting a face with the program.

I think that is gonna be it for this entry, and I will try to make another one soon. Can you dig it?



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